24 days, but who is counting? Ha! The past few blog posts I have been making a Paris flea market/brocante shopping list. But today, I thought I would venture off that and venture into a specific district in Paris, the 6th. The 6th Arrondissement also called Saint-Germain-des-Pres Quarter is on the left bank of the Seine. Paris districts are shaped in a ring. District 1 (the Louvre museum) starts tight in the middle and spins out in a spiral around and around to 20 as you can see on the map below :

The 6th is special with its juxtaposition of wide boulevards and quaint alleys. It offers some quintessential Parisian landmarks and cafes and houses wonderful French décor and design stores. I must thank Janelle McCulloch for her beautiful book which is a must read for anyone planning a trip to Paris. The photography in the book is beautiful and her perspective as the title suggests is a “tour of the citys creative heart.” Design creative types will appreciate this book as it speaks to what they are likely to savor and appreciate in Paris. She not only strolls through many of the districts suggesting boutiques, cafes and sights to see, but also has a wonderful reference list section in the back :

So this book along with others and the internet brought me to the following list of things I would like to do in the 6th Arrondissement on my upcoming trip. Mind you, I will be there 5 days. This list below may warrant maybe not even 1/2 day. Has anyone figured out how to beat jet lag to pop out of bed the first morning with energizer “bunnyness?” I would like to take exercise walks every morning while the city is still quiet – I am feeling like that may just be too ambitious of me. I think I need to research and blog about making the maximum amount of time in 5 days (packing tips, hair styles, coffee and more coffee – ha!).