So I continue to countdown the days until I will be in Paris, April in Paris that is! I am beyond So I continue to countdown the days until I will be in Paris, April in Paris that is! I am beyond excited and I continue to think about different items to pack into two empty suitcases! Letters are the rage these days in Home Décor, thanks party to Joanna Gaines of Magnolia Homes and Fixer Upper. I see them everywhere, Hobby Lobby, Marshalls, other specialty stores in tall, short, fat, skinny, flat, puffy, metallic, poka dot – you name it! What I really get excited about is large vintage letters. I have watched Fixer Upper where Chip and Joanna are “shopping” their yard of antique letters to spell a certain word – yes, I am jealous – I admit it! Here are some other great pictures of letters:

I have also noticed the trend of letters lit up too like the S above. Tell me you would not love to stumble upon this sight of all the letters you need to spell C-a-f-é for your espresso station or D-r-I-n-k for you wet bar or maybe your last name or your childs name. So many ways to use them. simple initial of your last name is great too!

A yumalicious pile of rusty letters!

Thank you to Joanna Gaines for this awesome display of letters and numbers. I like the way they overlap onto each other. So that is it for my shpeal on letters. Lets hope the worlds largest flea market does not disappoint!

Did you happen to know that the Eiffel Tower lights up with sparkles on the hour every night! Bon Nuit and I’ll be back soon for more countdown to Paris!

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