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Make a Burlap Pumpkin

September 1st! Its time to get out your fall decor! Okay, so maybe wait until after Labor Day! No pressure - it is one of those things that we crazy seasonal decor people do - change our home decor every season! Although I am not a total freak. There is such a thing as too early - like Michaels and Hobby Lobby bringing out their fall a month ago when I am working on my summer tan and enjoying my coastal home vibe! I actually was tempted this past weekend to work on my fall decor....

Here I am checking out how these old ladder pieces look that I purchased for $9 total at a yard sale. Notice the mess, the cat investigating and the empty Dunkin Iced Coffee Yard Saling treat! The old zippers on the table are featured in my previous blog. So this was me creeping to the edge of fall decor and then I put all the summer back. My husband said "no don't do fall yet, I am not ready for summer to end." I will blog in the future about these ladders, I definitely have some ideas!

So back to the burlap pumpkins... A couple years ago a friend and I made these burlap pumpkins. Every year I pull them out and they bring me joy. Its like opening up a Christmas package every time I open up my fall decor boxes. What makes these special in my opinion is the extra "bling" on each stem with beautiful ribbons and buttons. The big wide poka dot bow with frayed edge is my favorite, its a big pop on a little pumpkin body!

Here is another picture with a black wicker background that makes most of the burlap and tree branch stem pop, however it is hard to see the black burlap on black wicker! duh!

I set these around all different places each year. Here is what I did one year, I decided to give Miss Fancy Big Bow Pumpkin an urn pedestal:

Did I take pictures while I made these? No! I must get better about taking

pictures as I do these things. I have to say that when my friend and I were trying to do these, I was feeling they were a bit high maintenance, but so worth it! Here is the link we used to make these from Aimee at Refresh-Renew:

Be sure to share some pictures if you decide to take this project on yourself!

Thank you for visiting my blog!

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