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Marché Maison's Spring 2017 Home Tour, Part 1

Hi everyone! Thank you so much for stopping by and touring my home here in Allentown, PA! You know what? I love so many styles - seriously, I could change the decor of my house every year - shabby chic to rustic mountain to chic Miami modern to old English antique. I do love it all. So, what do I do? I decorate my home seasonally so it changes several times a year. Seasonal decor is MUCH easier on the wallet than forking out cash for new furniture! ha! The style that resonates most with me is a relaxed French farmhouse vibe. I want to feel cozy in my home. Things that are old and have stories are cozy and warm to me. Take this vintage printers tray with all those compartments where I have put moss, grasses and eggs for spring. I wonder where it came from? They usually had letters in them for printing - I wonder what it printed? Maybe the Boston Globe? Or maybe old real estate deeds? I have taken many pictures of my little vignette to share with you. I will chime in from time to time!

Chiming in now. So the people of Instagram really liked this picture. I wonder what spoke to them? Maybe its this blue-ish wine jug with jute on the neck? I picked this up at a local antiques mall for $18.00 - okay that is not a steal by any stretch but the detail is gorgeous - had to have. Speaking of picking it up, did you know there is a name for people like me? We are officially called "Pickers." There are actual TV shows about Pickers that go all over the country picking through peoples attics and garages and wherever else treasure can be found. I love to pick - I love to find treasure in the middle of trash - it gets the creativity going. Where do I pick? - garage sales, thrift stores, Goodwill, barn sales, antique stores, junk stores and large market sales like Lucketts for example. The grey bucket here is from a thrift store - you will see its matching partner in my dining room later. AND they both came with an interesting accessory, hmmm? What could that be? Check out the stack of berry crates which say the earth has rested and it is ready to give us fresh fruit soon! The Eif...yup...that's it. The Eiffel Tower or something French or from Paris usually finds its way to a picture - I was joking on Instagram the other day that its sort of like Wheres Waldo! See if you can find the French item in each picture - ha ha!

One of my besties gave this cool rusty storage bin to me last summer. You know she is a bestie if she can actually part with this rusty yumminess for her friend! I am just loving the grass in it - don't you just want to pat it! This grass comes in 12" squares at Michael's and is easy to cut and I think it looks so real! I hope I didn't ruin that for some of ya'll who thought this grass was real! You know I love tarnished silver - these goblets proudly display some unique wool like green balls that I actually picked (picked by the Picker) up at a gift shop in the outskirts of Philly.