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I Got the Fever (Spring that is)

Thank you for stopping by and coming along for a home tour of all things Spring! Are you a seasonal decorator? I have found that if fills my need to switch things around without changing a sofa! I am a seasonal girl. I love Florida and California - don't get me wrong. BUT, I.... love.... every.... season. Pennsylvania is faithful to bring each season in full every year. Lets not even begin to speak of how faithful Pennsylvania was to bring us full on blizzards and several feet of snow this year! So I celebrate each season, hopefully ahead of the season if I have my act together. I enjoy anticipating the season not only in my heart but also in the creative reflection in my home.

So without further ad0, I bring you....SPRING! The first picture (above) - the mantle. It is usually where I commence my seasonal decor festivities. It sets the tone, the theme that will "travel" through all other decor vignettes. This year - terra cotta pots. I love the symbolism of a terra cotta pot - shhhh....listen....they are whispering "new things are coming!" For now they sit empty eagerly "waiting." Because terra cotta pots are earthy, I love them them with green verses floral stems. It brings a greenhouse organic feel to the surroundings. The funny thing is I kept adding on to this mantle vignette...

One of my absolute favorite places to wave the season spring wand is this vintage collection wall....

I especially enjoy thinking about what to put on the drawer box "shelves." I have the terra cotta in a draw box as well as the French wire basket at the top. The rusty cultivating garden hook is also a favorite - each season I inevitably ask "what will I hang from it this time?" I chose an old bottle with greens and tulips this year with a galvanized watering can tilted for a watering effect. The vintage paper behind the bottle is from an old plant growing guidebook. I felt like the bottle was getting lost on the wood back drop and wanted to pop it off the wood a bit - this book page does the trick!

Next stop promises a toasty aroma every morning. It is the coffee station:

This old hall tree has been upcycled to a chalkboard. I am quite certain it originally held a mirror. Each hook holds a burst of spring be it gardening tools, a birdcage, nests and once again a terra cotta pot! I always enjoy getting these miniature white birds out. I originally purchased them to decorate a store window and now they have moved or should I saw flown around to different locations in my home. This year they are perched at the top of this chalkboard as if they are having a meeting. I cannot leave this paragraph with out a shout out to my daughter for drawing the artwork on the chalkboard. We always enjoy looking up ideas each season. Her art student self whips it out in no time! I actually have some small bees on wire that I will be adding around - it will be especially cute here with the honeycomb theme!

I had purchased these galvanized arches (below) a couple years ago and am finally putting them to use this year. I don't want to even tell you what these beautiful arches are used for in "real life!" Lets just say that it has to do with hunting and we will leave it at that! (wide eyes!) They are mounted into terra cotta pots with moss and sticks. The vintage bottles are the perfect thing to hang from them!

Here is a picture of the Living Room. I decided to mount topiary type tree cones on the large salvage windows. Instead of draping the sage garland symmetrically, I have them both draped longer on the sides to give it more of a framing of the entire space effect. Note the round table in the corner. It literally changed TODAY. Yup, always tweaking and adjusting! LOL!

This vintage 1920's Royal typewrite has been Fran approved! I haven't even taken pictures of the Dining Room yet, or the style kitchen shelves or my Rae Dunn mug rack shelfing. I know I may never get around to photographing it - so for now I am releasing at least this. I did capture this, a good dose of Spring fever!

Thank you for reading along! I would love to hear from you! I need to know that my little blog voice is being read and heard out there in this great big world! Happy Spring! :D



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