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Pop Up Boutique Time!

Today, I had the privilege of participating in Sorrelli jewelry's Things We Love event. They had several local vendors there offering items from bath and body to delicious truffles and of course their beautiful sparkly high quality costume jewelry. Sorrelli's tag line is "life layered in sparkle." I love that tagline because I think of it in a deeper way. I think we can layer our lives in sparkle in our relationship with God, with our friendships, entertaining, get what I am saying.

I enjoyed setting up my space at Sorrelli in Allentown with bunches of silk peony blooms and vintage style accessories, some found locally and some imported. I thought I would share some pictures with you!

This was one of 6 pieces of clip board art. They each have pages from a vintage plant book which is perfect for Spring decor! They are topped off with a little sprig of silk greenery. I just loved the way they all looked grouped together as a set...

Some other pics...

Have I told you that I have a dress form fetish? I have an entire Pinterest Board devoted to dress forms!

Thank you if you had the opportunity to stop by today! How is everyone's Spring cleaning going? If we had Spring going on in Eastern Pennsylvania maybe there would be some! Have I told you lately that we have not really entered Spring here as of April 7th? I am originally from Northern Virginia which offered forsythia blooms in early March. It will be glorious when it does comes because we have had to wait so long. When the Spring cleaning bug finally does hit, check out my recently added "new " items in the online store - I decidedly selected items that we can use to organize and make life pretty all at once.




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