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Drawers for Decor

Who would have thought - drawers? They are just a part of a piece of furniture, a misfit, a missing piece. Not so! Drawers are great "containers" to display or organize all sorts of things. All of these drawers were from yard sales or flea markets. You can get lucky when people think these drawers are purposeless and discardable! Start collecting them and watch all the uses you will find for them...

What drew me to this particular drawer was the color - LOVE the grey! I usually see drawers in wood tones, but this one was painted - and painted a color I love. I also loved the rusty handle and nail holes (maybe originally there were lables nailed tot he front of this drawer?). This drawer is also unique that the handle is so low. Now, onto its current debut. It is on my coffee table holding my seasonal summer trinkets - starfish, wicker encased candle, sand dollar and shells.

This drawer is recognizable by most. It is from a sewing machine. I see the singer sewing machine bases around at several antique stores and markets. The interesting thing is that the fronts of the drawers can be very utilitarian and plain or I have seen them elaborate with beautiful carving. This drawer is more on the plain side. I do like how there is a curve on the front of this particular drawer. Right now, this one is holding 3 french novels that I purchased for a song on a street corner in Paris as well as a summer touch of an oyster shell miniature wreath.

I went to a huge barn sale outside of Philly this past April. I mean traffic was backed up for miles - they actually had to call the state cops in to get involved to direct traffic! It was a wonderful event with probably 50 different booths with all sorts of vintage finds as well as homemade items. I found this cute little drawer and swiped it right up. I actually have 2 of them. Right now it is holding my office binder clips and such.

Another find at a flea market or antique store for low cost. This drawer is thin with a small handle. What drew me to it was its galvanized sides - very farmhousy! You can see it also below in the open cabinet with the cafe lights strung around it. It is holding driftwood pieces.

So those are my drawers. That is what they are doing TODAY. As for next year, who knows? They could be serving some other purpose. Perhaps all stacked together on a table for a fun table centerpiece? Or one could hold crackers or silverware? The sky is the limit. I hope your radar is up now as you scan the yard sales and flea markets to start a little drawer collection of your own!

Thank you for stopping by!


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