Color Pallet Consultation

The goal for a home color pallete is to produce a continuous flow of color through your entire home.  It will be soothing to your eye and serve as a backdrop for your furnishings and art.  Marche Maison's color paint consultation will save you design mistakes by setting you in the right direction.   We will come to your home and select a color palette for your entire home or whichever rooms you choose.   We will advise on color as well as finish (matte, glossy, eggshell).   We will provide you with an organized list that you can refer to as you take on the task of painting your home.   

COST: $395

Room Design Plan

This package will provide you with a design blueprint to start decorating a selected room or space.  We will get to know you, discuss your needs, and come back to you with ideas to talk through and help you choose the room flow that works best for your lifestyle.  We will provide you with paint color selection for your room as well as a space floorplan that will be your go to when shopping for all your necessary furniture and lighting.  Having a proper space floorplan for your room will save you valuable time and prevent costly furniture purchasing mistakes.

COST:  $795

Designer Consultation

Maybe you have good design sense and just need another set of eyes on your project to bounce ideas?  Or perhaps you are almost done with a project and you need help talking through finishing touches?  Do you need to pick someone's brain and run your decorating dilemmas by a designer?  Marche Maison can help.  We will come to your home and answer all those dangling questions you may have.  

COST: $95 hour (1 hour minimum)

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