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Vintage Accessories Rental

Vintage rental is a thing.  With the ever increasing popularity of barn weddings, showers and events, vintage accessories are needed for these events to add the finishing touches to give personality and that finishing vintage touch.  Just go to Pinterest and Instagram and you will be bombarded with image after image of country vintage events both outdoors and in barns.  In my research, I have found that you can sometimes find vintage furniture to rent, however, you are on your own to add all those personal vintage touches like those shown here.  I have acquired quite a collection for my own personal home and my Marche Maison retailette.  As I was sitting looking around the other day,  I thought "Marche Maison could outfit an entire event with vintage touches."  Why recreate the wheel when it is all here and ready to go?  Yes, you can run yourself ragged looking for these items and then of course there is storage (believe me I know that all too well) after the event.  Milk glass, lamp shade pendants, cake pedestals, antique books, vintage frames, vintage suitcases, old wash basins... to name just a few of the many items!  


milk glass collection


various lamp shade plug in pendants


antique wash basin & iron display stand


wide selection of jars and bottles


antique easel


various one of kind accents


shabby triple stand


deconstructed lamp pendants


old printers tray


vintage sap buckets


old water jug box


antique book collection

I love it!  Now what?

If you have an event coming up and are interested in adding unique vintage accessories, reach out!  Items will need to be reserved with a deposit to hold the date.  Items will require pick up and return to Allentown.  Budget will depend on quantity of items selected and if you would like event consultation and/or set up.  What I can assure you is that you will LOVE adding these vintage accessories to make your event completely one of a kind!  

Thanks! Message sent.

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