My Window Display

As I mentioned in my last blog post "Post Christmas House Tour," I wanted to share one of my latest adventures. I have dreamed of owning a home decor store for years, heck for decades. I think one of the things I would enjoy about the store is setting it all up, putting displays together. I recently had an "a ha" moment. I have such a hard time explaining my passion - I feel like some people just don't get me. So the other day my daughter was explaining her passion about her sketchbook, how it is part of her, it is her work, she carries it every where. Her pallet is her sketchbook and her medium is Copic markers. I am an artist just like my daughter - my work is not a sketchbook but a

The Post Christmas Christmas House Tour!

Hi! Thank you for coming to my Christmas home tour post Christmas! Also a Tale of Two Kitties as you will see from the picture below! I have been meaning to post my tour all season but you know how it is, parties, errands, wrapping, working, eating, toasting, yada yada and here we are, December 27th! 2016 has 5 days left and you know what? I am sort of excited to rip off the ole 2016 year calendar and start with a crisp clean new outlook for 2017! So as Billy Joel said it well "So we're living here in Allentown..." Yep, we are, the Olsons are living here in Allentown in an 1875 historical townhome loving the 11 foot ceilings and original pine floors as shown here! Yes, beautiful things

12 Days of Christmas Advent

Hi! Its me again - I guess I am feeling ambitious this season. Here I am with another idea. It came to me while driving my daughter to school last week. I was listening to an inspirational station on my radio and a listener called in to share a family tradition. She said that every year they do 12 days of Christmas where every day you open a gift and tell the person something you love or are thankful for about them. She did not elaborate as to when the 12 days started. Of course my husband and I had to google it and find out that the 12 days of Christmas technically begins on Christmas day. Well, I didn't like that idea. I love the idea of a countdown to Christmas - a shortened vers

Freebie Garland

Hi! I am coming up for air after tazzin' around preparing my home for Christmas. I will post a full Christmas house tour hopefully in the next couple of days. I did, however, want to send out this great freebie garland idea - IF there is a soul reading this that has not decorated his or her tree yet! Actually, I did add mine after the fact - yes, it can be done. So here are the supplies - larger paint chips from Home Depot or any other paint store. I chose Behr paint chips in greys and creams. - small hole punch - yarn (this would look cute with twine for a more rustic look) - yarn needle - shape punch (this is where it could cost $$, this is a wonderful tool to have, I believe it cost

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