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Vintage Fall Feels

Welcome friends! If you are hopping over from Instagram - WELCOME - today I am joining my talented friends, Thrifting with the Gals for a blog hop. Every Wednesday afternoon, the Gals (I have linked them at the end of this post!) share their thrifting excursions in their Instagram stories. If you just came from Lora from Create & Ponder, I know you are feeling inspired! I love Lora's new obsession to collect old restaurant dishes. They are gorgeous and I cannot wait to see her upcoming post with them styled in a table scape!

Do you have outside space that you switch during the seasons. I know I love switching my porch as it is the first impression for all our visitors. It is the first feeling they have before they step foot into my home. You know what I want them to feel? "Its fall - yay!" "I love fall" "I would love to sit on this porch with a blankie and drink some hot cocoa!" "I remember when I was little and..." In essence, if a porch could hug, I would want my porch to hug you! I have been into neutral fall lately which, let me tell you, has its challenges. I find that garden centers and stores bring on the orange pumpkins early. Not so with the what I call the princess pumpkins - the pastel colored bumpy ones. I decided to work in succulents a bit here as well! Let me give you a couple little tips here while we are on the steps - 1. I used branches I found on the street in my urns - free is always a good idea! 2. SAVE your pumpkins stems at the end of the season and you can glue them on faux pumpkins the next year

If you notice the pumpkin here at the bottom left corner - that is a faux Walmart pumpkin with a real stem I saved from pumpkins last year! I also use sticks in faux pumpkins to give them a more natural organic "real" feel!

Lets walk up the steps and see what else we have to welcome you!

This is where the vintage feel starts to show up. The rustic baskets, old crates and vintage suitcase bring it strong! The large lantern on the left - yard sale - yup! The suitcase table also from a vintage market sale! Then add texture - the raffia, the corn husks and lots of neutral and buffalo check pumpkins! Here are some close ups!

Okay, so now you have walked up to the steps to the front door, but wait, lets look to our right and see what fall accents we will find on the outdoor vintage table!

What can I offer you? What is your favorite fall treat to sit and hang out with me here? Pumpkin bread? Apple crisp? So many vintage items that I picked up along the way here. The green toolbox gets its seasonal orders and delivers well! He is filled with pumpkins and succulents and raffia! Each place setting has a mini berry basket with raffia and a stuffed pumpkin. Each place setting has a pale green leaf plate which came from Target. The backdrop to this is an antique planter filled with terra cotta pots and a variety of mostly faux pumpkins!

Fall was the first season I was able to decorate THIS gorgeous primitive hutch piece! TRUST ME, I tried every which way to fit this INSIDE my home to no avail. It does fit here perfectly and gives the dining area a cozy vibe.

The other side of the porch. Actually, I should say Terrace. We call this space the terrace because we are in an area called Union Terrace and its name comes from the fact that we are perched on a hill - hence that crazy staircase in front of our home! This area is pretty much our go to for our evening chats and glasses of wine. There is always a breeze blowing!

For kicks and giggles - lets look at the year before - we had JUST moved in so, needless to say, all the attention and energy was transpiring inside the home! I do love, however, the view of the fall leaves in this before picture!

Burr, I bet there is a chill in the air! Come on in!

Welcome! If you want an indoor fall tour than you are in luck! See my previous post from a couple weeks ago!

Make sure to take in every ounce of thrifting inspiration, and hop over to visit these Thrifting Gals blogs:

I so enjoy writing these posts! Thank you for reading along! If I have inspired you or given you any good ideas - then mission accomplished!




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