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Vroom Vroom to Christmas

by Michelle Olson

Well ya'll, it feels so good to sit here at my laptop and type up a blog post. Does life get away from you like it does me? I LOVE putting a blog post together and yet it has been TOO long, like longer than I want to admit since I have put my fingers to the keyboard. I sent out an announcement to you all a week or so ago announcing my 4th annual Marche Maison Vintage Market Christmas Reveal. This year was special because it was held during the Red and Green Historic Bethlehem Cocktail trails AND because we had the coolest black vintage truck all decked out for Christmas for anyone that wanted to grab a snap or selfie which you will see below. Oh, and then, there was that fact that it was 70 degrees. If you are wondering "what is a Christmas reveal?" Well, I am glad you asked. I host only 3 Reveals per year. I close down the shop for several days and literally switch the shop to the next season. Christmas is the biggie because, well, its Christmas! Its the season of gift giving and for coming to Bethlehem, PA one of THE places to visit at Christmas. So without further adieu, I bring you.....drum roll

The 2022 Christmas Reveal - Enjoy!

I am going to pipe in here (no pun intended with the picture above!), the vignette below is my favorite! Its the woods and white. It happened like most of my vignettes do, spontaneously in the moment. So I was moving these candles around and loaded them up on this round vintage serving tray which went great on the round table; and then I added some milk glass and I was like "wait a minute - I love this!" Then I decided to add the tarnished silver to the mix. Lined up around the front are a collection of children's silver cups that I purchased in my 2022 April in Paris trip (hello? Why in heavens name have I not blogged about THAT yet?!). I had a scrap of tulle ruffle and attached it to the front of the table. Its just my fave, neutral vibes and all!

We had all kinds of characters visit our shop for our reveal and the cocktail trail. Here are a few snapshots from the was definitely happening!

And my close second favorite display is another nearby neutral vignette of tarnished silver creamers filled with the most aromatic seasonal candles. But THIS French olive oil jar! I have to commend myself that I let that one out of hands and into the shop. It is the perfect unique accent...

I appreciate you reading along and visiting Marche Maison - even if only virtually! Now, its time to turn the Christmas wand over my petite maison, how about you?! I guess it is still a little early right? I have historically been a decorate after Thanksgiving girl!

Warmest Regards



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