My Window Display

As I mentioned in my last blog post "Post Christmas House Tour," I wanted to share one of my latest adventures. I have dreamed of owning a home decor store for years, heck for decades. I think one of the things I would enjoy about the store is setting it all up, putting displays together. I recently had an "a ha" moment. I have such a hard time explaining my passion - I feel like some people just don't get me. So the other day my daughter was explaining her passion about her sketchbook, how it is part of her, it is her work, she carries it every where. Her pallet is her sketchbook and her medium is Copic markers. I am an artist just like my daughter - my work is not a sketchbook but a room or a home or in this case a window. My medium is not a sketchbook but many 3D things such as furniture, lamps, trays, candlesticks, wooden boxes, garlands etc. etc. etc. That is why I practically have a warehouse in my attic - as I am putting my "art work" together, I need many 3D options (types of chairs, vases, garlands etc.) to put it together. That is the fun of it. To some people, I may seem materialistic, that I am out of control, but to me I am just acquiring pieces for my art - sometimes I know where they will go, sometimes I don't. And I really could care less where I scramble to get all the pieces - I am not above dumpster diving or Goodwill. Frankly, the cheaper it is, the more the thrill. Enough explaining that analogy.