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April in Paris - What's ALL the hype?

Eiffel Tower in Cherry Blossoms

Really - it all began many years ago.... Let me interject and say God is amazing! We have these visions and dreams and he answers them in unexpected ways with twists and turns and sometimes we don't even realize we have arrived in them! This is one of those instances! Let me back up to the very first Marche Maison Vintage Market which began 6 years ago!

Once that original magical event transpired, Marche Maison Vintage Market, it was not a weekend event as I had originally envisioned but a permanent shop located in the historic Goundie House year round! The wheels started to turn early on in my mind when I resided there. Marche Maison offered seasonal Reveal events a few times a year and cocktail trail participation especially over the holidays. One idea that was always baking, however, was a French themed event with product directly from France. This idea baked for MANY years! With the encouragement from my husband, the Monsieur, I hoped on a plane 2 years ago and flew to Paris by myself! What?! I know - cray cray! Mission - purchase product for my shop! This included renting a car and driving into the countryside as well. Did I mention that I do not speak French?! That my friends is exactly what I did. No special event or hoopla, just an experience and some learning the ropes. Our 2023 trip to Paris included many of the same experiences, shopping excursions, however, this was THE year, this was Gods year that I came home mid March and thought Lets do THE April in Paris event this year! My phone was busy with a million logistics and a short runway of 4 weeks.

First line of business was to try to capture on a small scale the flower covered cafe entrances. Here it began with floral foam and chicken wire and a boatload of silk flowers!

Making a Silk Floral Spray for over the door

Michelle Olson preparing for April in Paris 2023

Michelle Olson posing in front of Floral donned door

Michelle Olson posing for April in Paris 2023

On to the days events....

My dad was kind enough to learn French songs and he even purchased a beret!

Ron Greco playing the accordion for April in Paris 2023

A friend of mine set up a beautiful floral stem bar:

Floral Stem Bar April in Paris event 2023

2023 April in Paris shoppers posing with their bouquets

My trip to Paris 4 weeks prior provided unique merchandise for shoppers to peruse and enjoy

2023 April in Paris Michelle Olsons Parisian finds

Marche Maison merch direct from Paris Flea Markets

April in Paris 2023 included chocolate Eiffel towers!


A wheelbarrow of flowers at Marche Maison

If you have made it this far - thank you! Thank you for sharing in my story of how April in Paris came to be. I share all of this because of the upcoming 2024 April in Paris THIS April 28!!!! You will find me WAY more active on my Instagram platform @marchemaison (instagram icon at bottom of page) - practically daily! In order to provide another unique shopping experience in 2024, I hopped on the plane 3 weeks ago to search and hunt and haul Parisian vintage merchandise back. I have also chronicled all these adventures as well in my Instagram Highlights!

Click Flyer for all details for this event! In the meantime, I leave you with this. The words to the old standard song entitled April in Paris composed by Vernon Duke with Lyrics by Yip Harburg in 1932:

April In Paris

April in Paris chestnuts in blossom

Holiday tables under the trees

April in Paris this is a feeling

No one can ever reprise

I never knew the charm of spring

Never met it face to face

I never knew my heart could sing

Never missed a warm embrace

Till April in Paris

Whom can I run to?

What have you done to my heart?

Yes April in Paris chest notin’ blossoms

Holiday tables under the trees

Babe April in Paris this is a feeling

No one can ever reprise

I never knew the charm of spring

Never met it face to face

I never knew my heart could sing

Never miss a warm embrace till

April in Paris

Now whom can I run to?

What what have you done to my heart?

Thank you for listening to the inspiration behind this upcoming event. The interesting thing is that April in Paris has become so much more to me as I have now been to Paris in April 5 times! It truly is a magical place, it really is hard for me to capture it in words as it is a feeling. This event is an attempt to bring you the quintessential things I think of when I think of Paris: amazing vintage shopping finds, beautiful fresh flowers, accordion music, rose all day, and fashion! Bon Jour Mon Ami's!



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22 de abr.

Wonderful story!!

I loved following you along on your trip!I

23 de abr.
Respondendo a

It was a blast bringing you along! I swear I could “feel” you all with me! :D

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