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The Post Christmas Christmas House Tour!

Hi! Thank you for coming to my Christmas home tour post Christmas! Also a Tale of Two Kitties as you will see from the picture below! I have been meaning to post my tour all season but you know how it is, parties, errands, wrapping, working, eating, toasting, yada yada and here we are, December 27th! 2016 has 5 days left and you know what? I am sort of excited to rip off the ole 2016 year calendar and start with a crisp clean new outlook for 2017!

So as Billy Joel said it well "So we're living here in Allentown..." Yep, we are, the Olsons are living here in Allentown in an 1875 historical townhome loving the 11 foot ceilings and original pine floors as shown here! Yes, beautiful things are here in Allentown Billy Joel!

Hmmm, things to point tree is all white this year - first year for that. I am a white finatic these days so there you have it. I am still in love with this Restoration Hardware coffee table that I got for a steal from one of my real estate clients. Supposedly the top is an old Belgian pallet - is that cool or what? I could not put away my old ladders from my fall decor - they are just too cool and with the edison cafe string lights - Christmas has come and joined them.

Tree skirt - what the heck is that? well, Michaels - thank you for that tres cool galvanized tree "skirt," unfortunately, our weird tree stand would not allow it to go to the floor, so I pulled out a grey crushed velvet fabric that I purchased in Paris France years ago. It gives it a feminine unique flair - I'll take it!

So last year, I got the most gorgeous pom pom jingle bell ornaments from Pottery Barn on clearance. I thoroughly enjoyed finding them this year in the box as this is their first year of use! I used them to accent the garland at the corner of the ladders and the tree topper amidst the cotton picks.

The tree...ah, the white Christmas tree this year, its magical - loving it! Here are some more close ups of the white Christmas tree decor:

Here is another picture, a Tale on One Kitty in this case!

Here is a close up of the focal point wreath in front of the ladders. What else would I hang in the middle of this boxwood wreath! adorbs!

I loved this picture of my very favorite white linen settee because of the way the afternoon sun was cast upon it. I call this the thrown because that is how it feels when you sit on it! The end table is an old wooden water jug crate that does have the jug in it but hard to tell in this picture.

Here is another angle where you can see the exposed brick wall with the old windows hung on it. This year I hung a single snow flake ornament with greens and a burlap with lace bow on each one. HOWEVER, lets not move past this pic without noticing adorable sleeping cat on the sofa and my ridiculous tevis water glass peaking out behind the chicken feeder (pic blooper!). Back to the windows...

Here is a full picture

Bye bye living room. Hello nearby family room!

Here is a peak at our family room with the Christmas tree in the forefront. You will find the mirror decked out with live garlands, an over sized burlap bow and a rag garland. On the table block letters spelling "manger." Okay a little trivia here. Manger means "eat" in French. The Lord Jesus was laid in the manger where the animals ate (a trough). I am embarrassed to say that I just made that connection yesterday. So appropriate that the word "eat" is at our casual dining table although also symbolic of Christs birth place for Christmas.

Our huge down Restoration Hardware sofa...ahhh the most comfortable nap place in the house. Over it some old antique painted shutters with a burlap stocking stuffed with live greens and an obnoxiously large cream sweater bow! The black framed prints that flank the shutters are architectural black and white prints of Parisian Palace doors.

Another thing to point out is the "doily garland" that stretches across the large opening to the family room. I got these grey crocheted doilies at Michaels and put them on this large cream rope yarn. Closer up pic below.

This table in the forefront has French print in the glass top - I will have the post it a better pic of it in a future blog post.

Here is another cute tangent in our family room!

This little plaid house ornament had me at hello. Love it. I put little mini cotton balls around it to fill this domed glass pedestal display. I went a little crazy on capturing this cutie:

Now, we are off to the Dining Room...

I decided to mix toile and poka dots for this whimsical place setting. Although the oval plate is white, the white paper doily gives it texture. I purchased these silver tea pot napkin rings in St. Michaels Maryland years ago, each one a different style of tea pot. Place card holder is a rusty wagon with a chalkboard place card entitled "Santa." The fresh greens do just that, they give the place setting a fresh look.

This is at the centerpiece of the Dining Room table - I always bring out my daughters first New Years Eve shoes every year and set them somewhere (she is 14 now!). Speaking of which, can I just brag on her a bit!? She is so incredibly talented - I am so proud of her as she has a You Tube Channel with over 4000 subscribers! If you feel like checking out her speedpaints, you can find her at Artsy618. I asked her to do the honors of drawing this years Christmas artwork on the chalkboard.

Tada - masterpiece complete!

I am so proud of her! I just loved this artwork because not only is it an adorable wreath but it is made up with the names of God!

Below I used an old potato chip holder that I ordered on ebay to display Christmas cards this year. I have a arch top chippy frame behind it that I found at a barn sale for $7! yes proud moment on that steal!

Every year I have do do something at the bottom of the Dining Room chandelier. This year a fur coat took center stage hanging amongst antiqued silver miniature ornaments.

So, now we are off to the cute little teeny weeny, cutie kitchen!

Bon Jour, Hello! Good Morning! with a pom pom punch!

Every season we have fun as a family putting together seasonal words with the letter blocks that I have. Undoubtedly, we always find we need another letter. The challenge is to make as many words as we can that relate to the season with no blocks left. This year "SKI" was one of those words. Ironic in that I do not ski, however, my husband did just by season passes so he would have something in common to do with our daughter this winter. This rusty handled grey drawer is a favorite container for pine cones.

Last but not least, a couple pics that I captured from our Old Allentown Christmas open house...

I could not pass up these totally girlie Santa dress Can Can picks! We also offered a signature cocktail "The Buddy." For those of you that have seen the movie Elf, you will understand.

Speaking of cocktails, I wish you a Happy New Year! Thank you for stopping by. Please be a dear and leave a comment. It blesses my heart to hear from readers after I have poured out my decorating heart!

God bless you!


Psst! Stay tuned for my next post about my recent window display adventure!

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