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The Post Christmas Christmas House Tour!

Hi! Thank you for coming to my Christmas home tour post Christmas! Also a Tale of Two Kitties as you will see from the picture below! I have been meaning to post my tour all season but you know how it is, parties, errands, wrapping, working, eating, toasting, yada yada and here we are, December 27th! 2016 has 5 days left and you know what? I am sort of excited to rip off the ole 2016 year calendar and start with a crisp clean new outlook for 2017!

So as Billy Joel said it well "So we're living here in Allentown..." Yep, we are, the Olsons are living here in Allentown in an 1875 historical townhome loving the 11 foot ceilings and original pine floors as shown here! Yes, beautiful things are here in Allentown Billy Joel!

Hmmm, things to point tree is all white this year - first year for that. I am a white finatic these days so there you have it. I am still in love with this Restoration Hardware coffee table that I got for a steal from one of my real estate clients. Supposedly the top is an old Belgian pallet - is that cool or what? I could not put away my old ladders from my fall decor - they are just too cool and with the edison cafe string lights - Christmas has come and joined them.

Tree skirt - what the heck is that? well, Michaels - thank you for that tres cool galvanized tree "skirt," unfortunately, our weird tree stand would not allow it to go to the floor, so I pulled out a grey crushed velvet fabric that I purchased in Paris France years ago. It gives it a feminine unique flair - I'll take it!

So last year, I got the most gorgeous pom pom jingle bell ornaments from Pottery Barn on clearance. I thoroughly enjoyed finding them this year in the box as this is their first year of use! I used them to accent the garland at the corner of the ladders and the tree topper amidst the cotton picks.

The tree...ah, the white Christmas tree this year, its magical - loving it! Here are some more close ups of the white Christmas tree decor:

Here is another picture, a Tale on One Kitty in this case!