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Freebie Garland

Hi! I am coming up for air after tazzin' around preparing my home for Christmas. I will post a full Christmas house tour hopefully in the next couple of days. I did, however, want to send out this great freebie garland idea - IF there is a soul reading this that has not decorated his or her tree yet! Actually, I did add mine after the fact - yes, it can be done. So here are the supplies

- larger paint chips from Home Depot or any other paint store. I chose Behr paint chips in greys and creams.

- small hole punch

- yarn (this would look cute with twine for a more rustic look)

- yarn needle

- shape punch (this is where it could cost $$, this is a wonderful tool to have, I believe it costs $11, use a Hobby Lobby 40% off or Michaels 40% coupon and get one - I would love a plain circle as well (mine is a 1.5 inch scalloped circle) These make great gift tags too, so think of it as an investment!


I did 21 feet of yarn and about 25 circles. Of course, the more circles you have the more full the garland will be. Each circle is hole punched twice so that it faces outward on the garland. Then you need to use the yarn needle to thread through all the circles. After they are all on the yarn, you move them and space them out.

So there you have it, garland adorbs! Here is another close up pic of the "freebie garland" on the tree! What I love about this garland is how customizable it is. It can be any color, any length, any shape (I chose scalloped circle), any size (I chose 1.5 inch, the shapes come in 2" and 1" too) and can be used for birthdays, weddings, etc.

Here you can see it on a far away tree picture...

I have to go make dinner now! Thank you for stopping by and taking a look at the freebie garland. Please comment or reach out to me if you make one. It would be a pleasure to hear what you do to customize yours!

Merry Christmas!


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