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Thank you for reading my blog about April in Paris! I am counting the days until I arrive – 3 weeks from TODAY exactly. Until then, I am blogging about items to put on my shopping list and places to see and visit or anywhere else I am inspired to write about as I anticipate this trip. I am going back to blog about items for which to scour while shopping Paris fleas & brocantes. I think these old trophies are great and serve multiple uses. They come in all sorts of sizes and shapes, with handles, without handles. They can be grouped as a collection for interest, or they can stand solo as a vessel for whatever you wish. They are shown below with silverware and napkins. They are fascinating because each one has a story, some are inscribed with a date and location. Some are not. Either way, the beholder is left to imagine what event or contest gave its victor such a grand trophy! The ironic thing is just a month ago or so I recognized that I actually like silver tarnished and rustic verses shiny and reflective. I just recently purchased a great vintage set of tarnished wine goblets and they are on display in my Dining Room and I love them! Some of these trophies are tarnished and I too love them!

I am hoping to come across a trophy sale like this one below!

Until the next inspiration comes…Bon Nuit,

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