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Marche Maison Vintage Market Imports Arrive

Antique Seltzer Bottles

Seltzer Bottle

The soda syphon, also known as the seltzer bottle is a device for dispensing carbonated or soda water. In 1790, the concept of an "aerosol" was introduced in France (of course - where else!), with self-pressurized carbonated beverages. The modern syphon was created in 1829, when two Frenchmen patented a hollow corkscrew which could be inserted into a soda bottle and, by use of a valve, allowed a portion of the contents to be dispensed while maintaining the pressure on the inside of the bottle and preventing the remaining soda from going flat. These bottles were popular in the 1920s and 1930s. The rise of bottled carbonated beverages and the destruction of many of the siphon manufacturers' plants in Eastern Europe during World War II led to a decline in their popularity. However, their beauty can be appreciated. Today these bottles are still used in some bars to make drinks.

Antique Bread Proofing

Old Bread Proofing Baskets

Bakers use the term proofing (also called proving or more rarely blooming), as the term for the final rise of shaped bread dough before baking. The French called banneton is a type of basket used to provide structure for shaped loaves of bread during proofing.

Wicker Demijohns

Wicker Demijohns

A demijohn is a type of carboy (large glass-blown jug) used for brewing and bulk transportation of alcohol wine, mead, cider, beer or other substances that cannot be preserved in wooden containers. Their shape is described as a short narrow opening with a large base, surrounded by a wicker case to protect the bottle. The term demijohn can have a slightly different meaning depending on the country. ... The term demijohn was first recorded in 17th century France and there are many theories regarding its origin.

Tulip Bulb Drying Trays

Tulip Drying Trays

Tulip drying trays are used to dry out tulip bulbs. Too much moisture will lead to mold and rotting of the flower bulbs. They come in a variety of sizes. They also come with mesh bottoms or slatted wood bottoms.

These adorable imported seed starter terra cotta pots do not need a definition! Here is also a closer look at the tulip tray mesh bottom. The thing about a tulip tray is you can use it standing up as a riser on its legs or use it with legs up as a unique tray. They can even be hung on the wall to organize jewelry or set off another item such as a wreath.

These items are unique one of a kind pieces from history. If they could talk, oh if they could talk! Each of these imported items would have such fascinating stories to tell us. It is not just about history though for me, but beauty. These wonderful weathered patinas! These are not mass produced items, they are treasures that can be used in your home decor whether its your garden, your table centerpiece, or your styled shelves, the possibilities are endless.

If you are interested in seeing and touching these items, you can! They arrived at the Marche Maison Vintage Market Tuesday!

Stay tuned for more happenings!



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