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A Cottage Christmas

Welcome to my Christmas Cottage! A little Christmas inspo as we all start thinking about decorating for Christmas! We JUST moved into this home about a year ago and this was my first Christmas season to decorate. These past couple of years I have been into flocked trees and branches. It gives everything a snowy winter wonderland effect! This is not an artificial tree but a REAL tree that was lightly flocked by my local nursery. One year I had it heavily flocked so it was completely white - but I soon realized that I then needed white corded lights AND all my white ornaments blended into the tree! LOL! In addition to the flocking, I also tuck in some puffs of snow. I start heavy with the snow on the top and do less towards the bottom. I love adding vintage touches for that extra cozy and collected feel. I have also found that clothespins are a great way to attach certain ornaments like these vintage buttons!

Lets check out the focal point - THE FIREPLACE....

In prior homes I had the worlds most shallow mantle depth of 6" inches. This home has a nice deep mantle - at least 12" which gives me much more space to play with and be creative. I had always dreamed of setting up a little village on the mantle and this deep mantle was perfect for it. Most of the houses are from Target. I put the church in the middle which speaks to our own faith and how it is central to our home. I used several different size pedestals to have the homes at different heights making it feel like a swiss mountain village. Behind it all is the large round mirror converted to a snow globe for the season. I used spray snow to create the snow on the mirror.

Lets continue on to our Family Room which is open to our kitchen. The main event in this room is the very long Restoration Hardware white (yes, WHITE!) sofa! I always have fun changing out some of the pillows for the season! I will say though that the church pew, however, comes in a close second. The amazing thing is I found imported fruit crates that fit PERFECTLY under the church pew to store our winter gear. That was nearly impossible to find - believe me many trips to Marshalls will confirm that! LOL!

This open storage shelf stores....decor of course! I mean who doesn't need to store 4 cute silos! The one useful item is the old factory belt rack that now holds my collection of Rae Dunn mugs. On the opposite side of the room is housed a coffee station. It seemed fitting that I used coffee related ornaments and tea cups....

Thank you so much for stopping by! I truly appreciate guests that stop and scroll! I always enjoy grabbing a cup of coffee and doing the same! May you have a blessed Thanksgiving and may you savor Christmas, bask in the love that was shown to us in the birth of Gods Son Jesus, 2000 years ago.

Warmest Wishes,



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