Vintage Fall Feels Good

Wow, I did something very daring last year! I decided to put ALL my pumpkins on this table. I had seen someone else do it unashamedly on Instagram and I thought why not? Somehow each and every one ends up giving pumpkin cuteness to s space or to a DIY fall craft for myself or my shop! The smaller the cuter in my mind!

So these pumpkins probably sat on this table for a week! After they found their permanent home for the season, another "Pumpkin" decided to joined in for the coffee table decor! Our sandy orange tabby cat was appropriately named Pumpkin when I found his cute orange self as a kitten at a pumpkin farm back in 2013!

There is so much to share with you from Fall 2020! Fall last year was slower paced for sure with occupancy limits in stores and restaurants and general hunkering down. It made the nesting that much more necessary to embrace. The slow pace certainly gave me time to enjoy the season that much more. The very first thing I do when I decorate each season is the mantle. It is to me THE largest seasonal statement in my home and many times it sets the "theme" for the year. I chose to use an old rusty grate and large cutting boards for this mantles back drop. The more layers, the more textures, the better.