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When Neutral Fall Began...Welcome Home Sunday Blog Hop

Hi! Thank you for visiting today! I am thrilled to be a guest of the Welcome Home Sunday Bloggers! Kelly from The Tattered Pew is a sweetheart and I have known her for awhile through Instagram. Her ideas and home are gorgeous! She invited me to be their guest and I am thrilled to hop on for fall decor inspo! I am going to share a bit of Autumns past as I am still tinkering with fall 2020 decor! Stop back from Fall 2020 COMING SOON! Enjoy the pics and be sure to hop along and visit their blogs linked below as well!

I starting thinking about why this years fall decor stood out to me. I realized that this was the first year I did a neutral fall decor palette. I had been bringing out the golds, eggplants and oranges for years and years and was inspired to try something new. I have been hooked for the past few years doing the neutral palette. I also thought out of the box and went vintage. I did this by giving my fall decor vintage touches of old book pages, chippy items and vintage berry crates to name a few.

The pumpkin pile coffee table. What I love about the neutral palette is that the contrast comes from the texture instead of the color. There are so many textures here: smooth, dried hydrangea, fringy, burlap, antique book pages both fanned and shredded, a stump slice, wood beads, leaves, and berry crates filled with cotton blossoms. As you scan through different angles and pictures of this neutral fall pumpkin pile, don't miss the cute paws of my orange tabby appropriately names "Pumpkin!"

Now to dive in to the "main event!" I did not have a mantle in this city town home, but this beautiful chippy cabinet became my "mantle" that I decorated for each season. The front of this display is a chippy old window box. The back is two old drawer boxes set up on their sides. I didn't like seeing the inside of the drawer box as shown in the picture below, so I placed old book pages there. I decided to put a low wattage light in behind the pages to give it a glow at night! You will continue to see the same items that were on the coffee table also displayed here with the addition of some raffia and lambs ear stems which give such a beautiful soft pale blue green accent. I find that I come up with a theme and use it throughout all of my fall decor which you will see below and also in my dining room tablescape.

Here you will find the table setting that coordinated with the theme. The top "bow" is interesting in that it is a recipe page! The knot of the bow is an old hose coupling. I wanted to bring the blue green into the place setting so I found beautiful scrapbook paper and cut circles to add a subtle splash of color.

Thank you for joining me as I walked down falls past memory lane! Have a great day! If you want to make my day, engage by leaving a comment about what you liked best in these pictures or tell me what themes you are thinking about for this year!

Visit these lovelies for more Sunday home inspo:

Thank you for visiting today! I hope you are leaving feeling inspired to break out your fall decor bins!



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