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The Love Letter Napkin

The Love Letter Napkin

Cheldin Barlatt of This Is It TV invited me on her morning program to talk about valentines tablescapes. We talked about the love letter envelope napkin fold. Here are the steps to take any napkin (cloth or paper) and transform it into this adorable envelope napkin! Leave the napkin "open" and you can slide a heart or other valentine into the napkin or seal the envelope shut with a heart sticker. The possibilities are endless! Here are the steps....


Your head would probably need to be in the sand if you have not noticed a decor trend spreading across our country - Farmhouse! Farmhouse can slant different ways - it can go industrial or cottage or my personal fave would be French Farmhouse which brings a little romantic feminine twist. Lets just say if it can have a a beautiful linen ruffle - it should! ha ha! Farmhouse brings a neutral palette of whites, tans, creams and sometimes a touch of black. Oh and the buffalo check pattern! You will see it EVERYWHERE! What is my new favorite color? Buffalo check of course! They even have bathing suits in buffalo check this season!

So this place setting is decidedly neutral - no red to be found. Okay, but lets just talk about that mitten! Can you even take it? The heart of buttons - of course this is easy peasy! Do you own a glue gun? You are in business then to make your own little mittens just like these. Target sold these miniature felt mittens in the "dollar" spot.

Hello buffalo check!

All of these place setting pieces - the two chargers, plate and flat bottom galvanized pail are from Hobby Lobby. The pail is filled with lambs ear and white flowers.

Alright, alright - lets bring in the red! The funny thing is I actually have more pics with the red!

Vintage Valentine - I found mine at an antique shop. You can find them on ebay and etsy as well.

valentines placesetting

I had fun with these little felt mittens - right? They would be cute for a Christmas place setting as well. Here is my collection of Rae Dunn valentines mugs! Thats right - one! LOL. The Chinese take out container is perfect if you want to give your dinner guest a little gift. This one has been tapped by the valentine fairy - red corrugated heart, red gingham ribbon AND a mini heart clothespin.

Thank you for stopping by. Are you going to try the envelope napkin fold? Send me a pic! I would love to see it. Do you decorate for valentines day? I love hearing from my readers, drop a comment below!



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