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Zip it Fall Bow

Ahhh, the cotton wreath. Joanna Gaines did us all a favor when she started hanging these in her infamous Fixer Upper projects. Now they can be purchased in wreath, garland or pick form! This is actually a garland made into a wreath. My newest addition to this wreath is the vintage bow. Yes, look closely:

Yes! These are zippers! vintage zippers. These have such a fun story behind them. I went yard saling with a good friend of mine on Saturday. We have this cool app that finds all the yard sales around you. We found this yard sale that was at a church. We drove by and saw cool rusty boxes in a distance and thought we have to stop, and .... we did. So they were old metal file cabinets that were rusty and had oil and stink bugs in the drawers. BUT, the coolest part of this sale?! The worker came up and explained Gods free love in Jesus (which I totally believe by the way) and how everything there was free! So out with the skeptical glasses and on with the everything is free glasses. I got several adorable small wooden spoons and these vintage stained old zippers. I thought how cute for a garland! The cool thing is that they can unzip and be even longer. I love the patina of the zipper and of course the metallic accent of the zipper itself. Just whimsical...

Here is a better close up...

It is always fun to find different purposes for old things that would end up in the trash - look at this... old zippers!!!

Get out your recycle glasses and have fun yard saling this weekend!

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