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Flea Inspiration ~ Day 2~

Thank you for coming back and taking my journey of fabulous fleas with me! Next stop...Lucketts Store.

Don't you just love this sign? Especially the cute design at the top of all the chalk drawings of garland and ornaments.

Lucketts is near Leesburg, VA and they too have monthly events. Their largest events are quarterly with the Holiday one being their second largest. The spring event is their largest - yes I will be attending and heck, maybe I will go all the way and rent booth space! I will take pics at the very least. What I liked about Lucketts is the Design House feature. There is a home on the property that is open during most of their monthly events which has been decorated to the hilt. The cool thing is that you can just grab a pillow off the display bed and buy it! Here are some pictures from the design house:

These artificial Christmas trees were unique in that they were flat - great for a crowded small area like shown here in this hallway.

Other pictures from our Lucketts stop...