The New Years Window

Hi! Thanks for stopping by! I understand from one of my readers that leaving comments at the bottom of my blog entries is difficult, it makes you sign into Facebook - but who remembers their FB password when most of us are set up to go in automatically to FB from our phone, computer, IPad, etc?! I know I don't remember my FB password as I never need it! We are working with the platform to fix it hopefully! The good news is that comments can be made on my FB page as well as Instagram. I appreciate them so much - they encourage me!

This week I moved my window display from New Years to Winter. But wait, I didn't even post New Years pics - the window was New Years for all of about 10 days! The theme was time. Time is passing, time to celebrate a new year... So I put clocks all over. The first ones that I printed went in the middle of the boxwood wreaths. Wouldn't it have been so cool if the hands could have been spinning quickly around and around - bringing movement to the display and symbolizing time is going so fast! That would have involved a whole level of research, clock hands and batteries! Being that I decided last minute to go ahead and do a brief 10 day New Years theme, it was not in the cards!