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The New Years Window

Hi! Thanks for stopping by! I understand from one of my readers that leaving comments at the bottom of my blog entries is difficult, it makes you sign into Facebook - but who remembers their FB password when most of us are set up to go in automatically to FB from our phone, computer, IPad, etc?! I know I don't remember my FB password as I never need it! We are working with the platform to fix it hopefully! The good news is that comments can be made on my FB page as well as Instagram. I appreciate them so much - they encourage me!

This week I moved my window display from New Years to Winter. But wait, I didn't even post New Years pics - the window was New Years for all of about 10 days! The theme was time. Time is passing, time to celebrate a new year... So I put clocks all over. The first ones that I printed went in the middle of the boxwood wreaths. Wouldn't it have been so cool if the hands could have been spinning quickly around and around - bringing movement to the display and symbolizing time is going so fast! That would have involved a whole level of research, clock hands and batteries! Being that I decided last minute to go ahead and do a brief 10 day New Years theme, it was not in the cards!

I strung a garland across this galvanized tray table and added little printed antique clock heads to the garland (I made this garland base for my Christmas tree and blogged about making it (free) in a recent blog post).

I apologize that this picture is dark of the New Years tree. It is difficult to shoot pics with all the glares of the window and the fact the the top of the window has an awning across it outside - hence dark tree at the top. I put a big clock at the top and different size printed clock faces all over it. I had this chalkboard banner garland on which I stenciled Happy New Year. I love the way it turned out - even more so in person without darkness and glare!

I sprinkled clock faces all over the floor of the window along with Eiffel Tower confetti because "Why not?" They are adorable!

I changed the round table a little bit, I put a galvanized lantern with one of the Luminara candles that are on timers and look like a real flame flickering. I saw them in Paris for the first time several years ago and I stopped in my tracks and stared at it, I thought the flame was real at first. A year or so later I was happy to see them being carried in our stores here in the US.

And there you have it, my brief New Years window display. I am hoping to post my winter one very soon - maybe even tomorrow! Until then, good night, sweet dreams, Bon Nuit!


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