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What is a Retailette?

What is a retailette? Well, it is my term for my little mini store within a store! It's not really a booth per se and its not my own complete storefront either, so why not retailette? God laid this opportunity on my lap and I accepted it with enthusiasm. Historic Bethlehem Museum and Sites runs a fabulous Visitor Center and gift shop that features select local artists. Established back in 1741 by a group of Moravians, Bethlehem actually gets its fair share of tourism. There is a lot to learn about Bethlehem and individuals dressed in historically accurate garb offer tours regularly to tourists. wanting to learn more.

When I was approached about my retailette, I was thinking way future - like Christmas! But, then I remembered Musikfest - an annual American music festival that runs for 10 days and draws 1 million visitors. Musikfest kicks off this Friday, August 4th and runs through Sunday the 13th. So today , Monday, I set up because it is the only day the Visitors Center is closed. The place is hoppin' with shoppers and tourists any other day. I can't even imagine trying to set up my retailette with all that activity going on! Can I tell you that it was heaven today, escaping into my retailette world and putting it all together. I feel like my best work is done when I don't have a detailed plan and inspiration flows in the moment. This morning I pulled up with all of my displays and product in tow and voila.

Here are a few pictures of the space, BUT for anyone close by or for any outliers that may be trekking in for Musikfest - stop on by! The Historic Bethlehem Visitors Center is located at 505 Main Street. It is across the street from a darling crepe place called Cachette. I was told by our French exchange student that cachette means "hidden" or "hiding place." So if you want to escape to a hidden gem and savor a crepe, Cachette is just the place!

A little Bienvenue video! :)

Thank you for coming along on this journey with me!


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