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Happy Fall Ya'll Living Room

Can you even believe its fall ya'll! I know I can't. We did an adventurous thing this summer. We hosted a Parisian French student here for almost a month! She was 16 and my daughter is 15. We made sure we had lots of plans and things to see and do - I mention this because my blog goes from spring decor straight to fall! And the summer went so fast and here we are! I just loved decorating for fall this year, partially because I hadn't switched seasons since May and partially because it was fun to do a neutral palette fall this year - pale greens, creams, grays and touches of soft blue! Speaking of switching my home for seasons - does that sound completely insane? I mean, who in the world does that? I have found an entire world of crazies just like me on Instagram! I am @marchemaison on Instagram and I regularly post videos about decorating and life happenings. I was so glad to find out I am not the only one! I may be the only one here in downtown Allentown though - ha!

So, lets dive into this picture - we can start with the wooden palette coffee table in the forefront. Here you will find an arrangement of faux pumpkins, faux leaves, book pages (yup, thats right!), cotton blossoms, vintage wooden fruit bins and a long strand of wooden beads. I had purchased pumpkins at the Dollar Store last year and this year was the year they got a face lift! and poka dots!

I painted them gray and got rid of the ugly green stems by painting them black. Here is a close up of the scrumptious wooden beads. I got a bag of them (like 100 linear feet folks!) for $3 at a yard sale. I could not have found these beads at a store if I tried. Here is also a close-up of the vintage fruit bins as well. One thing I do try to do when I decorate for a season, is to have a common thread through all my decor in any given year. Something that will repeat in each room. This year I had blue hydrangea and/or book pages throughout the home in my fall decor.

I even put a vintage fruit bin right into this old chippy window box to hold a crackle pumpkin that I made eons ago. I fell in love with the lambs ear style stems this year! I was drawn to stems that had the green/blue hue to them. I made little mini wreaths - each wreath was made from 2 stems - and are attached to crate tops. I think of harvest when I see a crate top. They make great bases on which to mount other fall decor. Yes, that is an old vintage zipper - I love the color and the silver touch!

Here are some more pics of the Living Room ...

I recently started collecting milk glass. I love that #1 its white! #2 all pieces were less than $3.00 #3 All the pieces are different in shape and height and bring texture to these shelves without being visually overwhelming.

Did you know that this type of picture is called a flat lay? I had no idea - its an Instagram thing! Yes, little Pumpkin had to put his two paws into this shot!

You are looking at a bonafide goodwill basket for $1.00 - seriously! Who could give this amazing textural basket away! The blue hydrangeas are tucked in here and there!

Here, they are tucked in with mini pumpkins and book page confetti!

This wreath transcends all seasons - but it can go seasonal by the bow or by what things are attached to it - in this case a mini rake and some burlap leaves!

This two tiered vignette was created with drawer boxes up on their sides. I loved it, but I was not crazy about the dark back drop. My eye was drawn to the darkness in the middle - in a bad way. I decided to cover the openings with book pages which you can see on the very first picture of this blog entry. What do you think? Do you like it with or without the book pages?

I am so grateful for you stopping by for the fall ya'll Living Room tour. Tune in for the Dining Room and Kitchen next!



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