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It's Christmas Time in the City

Well Merry Christmas season to you! It truly is Christmas time in the city, my home, my city - Allentown. Have you started to decorate for Christmas or are you finished and putting up you feet now and just enjoying the twinkling lights of the tree? I approach Christmas decor like a piece of art - so I am compelled to do something different every year on my mantle (in this case on my favorite grey chippy piece), my tree topper, everything really. The fun part for me is creating something new. To some people this may sound...well...crazy! Right? I also like to come up with a common thread that shows up throughout my decor - this year it was greenery. No, not evergreen - that would be predictable. What I mean by greenery is all sorts of greenery - people, I am talking about lambs ear and eucalyptus - I couldn't bear to put them away! So up they went to the top of the tree and into winter baskets. The other thing that I did this year was snow! Faux snow on the tree, around the tree collar, on and there...snow appeared! Okay, so there is a 3rd thing - I did not realize I had so many new "threads" this year! I used brown paper packages tied up with string - Julie Andrews gave these plain Janes magic because who doesn't think of that song, that scene, that movie!

If you follow me on Instagram - I try to post stories a few times a week. If you don't know what stories are, reach out to me and I can tell you all about it! I did a story (short video clip that expires in 24 hours) about this old weathered easel. This easel inspired me for so many reasons - first of all - my daughter is an incredible artist - she attends a special charter arts high school. Second of all - its different! An easel as the focal point of Christmas decor! It is shaped like a Christmas tree right? Third of all - its old and weathered which totally speaks to me. So there you have it - all donned with jingle bell garland, Edison bulb lights and the most bountiful basket of unique greenery. So if you have the luxury, grab a cup of coffee and put up your feet and let me tour you around my house in the city. Okay, I will be quiet for a bit, here are more pics...

If you know me, you know I have to get an Eiffel Tower in here and there. This one is from a trip to Paris. Did you notice the "bon jour" clothespin!

Okay, I am back! Have I successfully filled your mind now with the song "My Favorite Things" - I have filled my own! I have to show you a cute picture of my little elf, Pumpkin, inspecting the tree collar

So I thought we could dive into the details here a little more. How about we check out the tree topper? What - the - heck? Yup - a deer head - I NEVER thought - but yes - a deer head setting amid all the unique greenery and pom poms! And I love it.

So a few details about said deer head - I cut out some heavy card stock paper to attach an outline around it because it was disappearing in the dark greens - it needed to pop. Please do not miss that this deer has on a little collar because if you are going to grace the top of a tree, you need to dress up a bit.

Pottery Barn had these gorgeous pom pom and bell ornaments about 2 - 3 years ago. I fell in love because the pom poms are just so beautiful and high quality. I am not going to lie, they get totally tangled up because of all the bells hanging from twine so I have to wrap each ornament separately in tissue - definitely high maintenance - but totally worth it.