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Christmas in the City part 3

Welcome back to Part 3 and the final tour of Christmas in the City. Lets talk about Lumberjack. That is what I call that insanely popular black and red check print that we see everywhere right now - I absolutely adore it. I have an infinity and blanket scarf in the print and some boot cuffs as well. It doesn't totally go with my whole neutral Christmas decor vibe, BUT, I found a way! - the kitchen - It just works there! I wrapped several boxes in it and they are proudly displaying all their cute checkeredness in my kitchen!

It is subtle, but Lumberjack is definitely invited here and staying present in my kitchen this Christmas. I like changing up these shelves in my kitchen every season. The shredded book pages are back (a common thread!) and enveloping galvanized metal houses.

Here are some other kitchen shots...

I took this pic before I hung that "Merry" flag banner. You can see one of the other things I did here. See on the left - a cute rusty mesh shopping bag? That has bookpage filler in it as well as another lumberjack gift, a Burberry box (my husband brought back a little giftie from his trip to London this summer), and one of my favorite ornaments - peep toe booties! Lets zoom in...

I also put little bottle brush trees here and there - on gifts, in little cloches, adorbs...

Some other close up pics...

Lumber jack mittens - I can't even!

another vantage point of the cute galvanized house..

Franta is the nickname I gave to our recently adopted stray kittie, Fran, who currently is wearing a red and white santa thus "Franta!"

I ordered a bunch of these lumberjack plaid tags and have them on sale in my retailette in Historic Bethlehem. BUT, I had to keep a couple for myself. Here it is decorating a package in the kitchen.

The Covered Patio

And....lastly, its Christmas time in the City...ring a them ring...the plaid bow on this red beverage bin/cart has bells on it! When I saw the ribbon with those bells on it at a post Christmas sale last year - it was a done deal. Even though I do not do much red in my interior decor, I thought it would be great for exterior decor.

I have had this antique vintage (splinter ladden!) ladder in my Allentown window display last christmas. Then it hibernated in my attic and now, its back - all decked out with string lights. THEN, I was shopping last week and found these plaid holly leaves. Guess what? they match the jingle bell ribbon - score!

May each of you have a happy and jingly Christmas! May you know Jesus, the reason for this season that is celebrated all around the world! The man we date time after made audacious claims - He claimed to be the Savior of the world! He came into this world humbly in a manger - he is not just some cardboard baby Jesus in the manger at Christmas. He was God in the flesh that can offer us a relationship with him this day. I could share story after story about my relationship with him. Heck, I have even considered having a tab at the top of my website entitle "God stories." He has given me so many to tell! If you haven't met him personally yet, I encourage you to check him out.

I am hoping to blog soon about my obsession with dress forms - both full size and miniature. I have never met a dress form I didn't like! Stay tuned! Drop me a comment, talk to me friends!

Have a very Merry Christmas!



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