Where's the Beach?

June 1st everyone! yipee! School is winding down, vacation plans are brewing, house projects are simmering - its summer! As many of you know, I have the pleasure of doing a window display in downtown Allentown, PA. It is sort of like a 3D ad because there is not a store behind it, just a sign pointing passers by to Facebook, Instagram, yada yada. The week after I got back from my Lucketts Flea Market weekend, I had to spin around and switch this window display from Spring to Summer. The hotel owner for various reasons gave me a weeks notice. I normally have time to sketch and think for weeks. So this time, I piled all things summer in the car and loaded up and waited to see what inspiration came to me on the fly. The one thing I did know was that I was going to use a beach dune fence as the backdrop and this fun turquoise front drawer as the centerpiece. I picked up this high collapsible stand at a silent auction for $6. Here are pics of the window from the outside looking in (building and car reflections, me taking a picture reflection, street signs and all!)

Here are some more pics on the inside. Here from a different angle...gotta love that bright red car in the background! Totally cramping my turquoise vibe here! argh!