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Where's the Beach?

June 1st everyone! yipee! School is winding down, vacation plans are brewing, house projects are simmering - its summer! As many of you know, I have the pleasure of doing a window display in downtown Allentown, PA. It is sort of like a 3D ad because there is not a store behind it, just a sign pointing passers by to Facebook, Instagram, yada yada. The week after I got back from my Lucketts Flea Market weekend, I had to spin around and switch this window display from Spring to Summer. The hotel owner for various reasons gave me a weeks notice. I normally have time to sketch and think for weeks. So this time, I piled all things summer in the car and loaded up and waited to see what inspiration came to me on the fly. The one thing I did know was that I was going to use a beach dune fence as the backdrop and this fun turquoise front drawer as the centerpiece. I picked up this high collapsible stand at a silent auction for $6. Here are pics of the window from the outside looking in (building and car reflections, me taking a picture reflection, street signs and all!)

Here are some more pics on the inside. Here from a different angle...gotta love that bright red car in the background! Totally cramping my turquoise vibe here! argh!

So, diving into the vignette for a closer look. Lets start by packing for Paris - anyone? Here is a vintage suitcase filled with summer inspired clothing, a passport, sunglasses, chic straw hat and last but not least our Paris "to do" list! Who's ready? This adorable list was written compliments of the very talented Jackie O., my daughter. I always like to give her a little piece of something for each window display.

Cocktail Anyone? Lets move over to the "bar" area part of this vignette. This is such a great idea by the way to do for a pop up bar on your patio or wherever because you can just put it away when you are done. You don't have to use a drawer, you can use a large tray or a suitcase or even a cool old door (it would need to be a small one though! a full size door is not exactly easy to put away! lol). Hey and if you like the tray idea - make your own - go to Goodwill, get a cheap frame or mirror with a larger flat edge and then go to Hobby Lobby for handles to screw into it. If you don't like the color of the frame - paint it!

Because the drawer was deep, I put shutters across the top to hold my bar items - enameled ice bucket with scoop, cocktail shaker and wine glasses with oyster shells in them. The conch shell is from a trip to Turks and Caicos. I rounded out this vignette with driftwood, a little glass nautical ball (Pottery Barn), a large hand blown vase with greenery and an Eiffel Tower with a tiny succulent terrarium hanging.

Whew, I'm hot. Sure could use a fan - oh look what we have here! Worlds cutest retro blue fan - thank you TJ Maxx! This little adorable piece is center stage in the middle of the window vignette...

Now that we have cooled off...A few other summery touches like this burlap starfish pillow from South Bethany Beach, Delaware. And the wreath of oyster shells as well as this perfectly turquoise handled bucket which we can use when we go to look for seashells on the seashore. What is your favorite thing to look for on the beach? Shells? Driftwood? Seaglass?

Now, if we move out from the center, we find.... swings! - weeee! They were there for my Spring display as well, but they TOTALLY go with summer too - don't you agree?! These distressed swings with rusty chain are perfect for inside or outside decor and can be purchased in my online store :). Behind each swing is a long shallow wicker basket (these wall baskets are also available in my online store). I put eucalyptus branches in them here and I also added a page from a vintage plant book that I picked up from a yard sale.

Last but not least, as we move to the edges of the display, we find big pails with turquoise pillows with big ol' pom poms (I am a sucker for pom poms!). Over each pale hangs a deconstructed lamp shade with a rag tie banner rim. Behind each pail are awesome tall chippy windows that I scored at Lucketts that barely fit into my SUV!

If you are with me right now - thank you! I appreciate you reading the entire post! I would be so appreciative if you would talk to me - leave a comment below - tell me your vacation plans, what you are excited about, what you like (or don't like) in my summer display. Sometimes I feel like I am typing to the air having a one way conversation! Happy Summer! Treat yourself to a pedicure, get those toes ready for fun in the sun!

Happy Summer from Pumpkin too!




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