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Marche Maison's Spring Vintage Market

So.....remember on my last blog entry I mentioned being busier than usual? Well, THIS is why! For many years now I have been attending markets down south and yearning for the same market experiences up here. So if no one is doing it here I thought "why not me?" This is not your run of the mill market with 3x8 tables lined up in a row with everything from fudge to crocheted key chains. It is not a barn full of antiques either. My vision is to provide an exclusive shopping experience with a carefully curated group of vendors that have super cool style and super cool stuff! Stuff that fits into all the descriptions above...farmhouse, romantic, cottage, etc. I have been keeping a running list for years now of unique vendors that I would contact if I ever proceeded down this path. I wanted to bring Joanna Gaines up to the Lehigh Valley - not literally - although, wouldn't that be great! But bring her to the Lehigh Valley in style somewhat. I also envision bringing to the Lehigh Valley sought after imported items from France and beyond...

What has been the most difficult part of this vision is figuring out the venue. Down south, these markets are huge and are held in fairgrounds. I knew I wasn't quite ready for that! I needed a petite pretty destination that would be the perfect backdrop for this event. So off I went...met with friends with a barn, met with event sites, and municipal sites - each one not working for a different reason. I wanted to start small so that I could be confident that the quality and feel would be exactly what I envision which led me to think "petite." God has a funny way of opening doors wide and that is exactly what he did! As I have written about in prior posts, I have opened a retailette in Historic Bethlehem at the Visitors Center. God opened that door for that as well, it came and found me. It has been a wonderful experience and I thoroughly enjoy working with the manager and staff there. Upon hearing my idea, they presented ...drum roll... the Goundie House:

The Goundie House? I had never considered the Goundie House which is next door to the Visitors Center. The 1810 Goundie House, was built by businessman John Sebastian Goundie, and is believed to be the first brick residence in Bethlehem. Goundie has a history with twists and turns. The house was saved from demolition in the 1970s by Mrs. Sims and Mrs. Martin who sat on the stoop to stop the wrecking ball. It has since been restored to its 1810 appearance both on the exterior and interior.

God you rock! You provided the PERFECT place to present vintage home goodness to Lehigh Valley shoppers and beyond! A gorgeous 1810 colonial with soaring ceilings, big beautiful windows, wood floors and fireplaces. And in case that is not intriguing enough, what about a sip and shop situation? Boos Rock Winery will be there offering wine tastings. Boos Rock for all intents and purposes makes California wine here in PA. So, sip, shop and stop to meet all the creative talented women behind each uniquely designed space.

The event will be Mothers Day weekend. We all know that mom gets to do what she wants on Mothers Day - she gets a free pass - or at least she should! Why not grab the best Sunday brunch in the Lehigh Valley at Hotel Bethlehem and leisurely walk the streets? The streets will be closed for the 53rd annual craft and arts festival which will further enhance the experience. So now you have even more reasons to come to Historic Bethlehem. Come and shop a magical environment of beautifully curated spaces that all blend together in a symphony of vintage farmhouse goodness at the Marche Maison Spring Vintage Market. We will be open 10 - 5 both Saturday and Sunday.

Thank you for following me on this journey!




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