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Thank you for joining me on my countdown to Paris. I will experience my own April in Paris when I arrive on April 23rd! I have been before, however, I am really diving in to research in preparation for this time. I want to make the most of my 5 days there! Remind me to write about our almost 3 week home exchange we did a couple summers ago! As I do the research for this trip, I am kicking myself for not seizing more opportunities during my longer stay. I have been composing a shopping list for my upcoming trip. I have posted the past couple of days about French grain sacks and industrial design. Today, I have another item to add to my list…bird cages. Birdcages are magical to me for some reason. I don’t know if it is the fact that they enclose and hug whatever resides in them which creates coziness. Or if it is that they resemble sweet little houses (open air concept!) that come in so many shapes and sizes. Here is a large four foot 20th century French birdhouse complete with chicken wire walls!

Now, that is more like a bird mansion. A statement piece for sure. Here are some other ones that have been used to house other treasures or simply to be hung in an usual arrangement on the wall, or to light up an evening event…

Some other birdcage sightings…

And of course, thanks to Restoration Hardware, the birdcage chandelier. Many attempts have been made to replicate this beauty (just go on Pinterest and see!), but it is hard to touch this gorgeous patina, 3 tiered crystal chandelier!

Now THIS is whimsical. Grab a bunch of birdcages and stream them together with electrical wire (and Edison bulbs of course) for a multi level unique chandelier. I like the way this one seems to all be similar in color, but hey, in a childs room a stream of all really colorful ones could be cute as a button!

Thank you for joining me for todays inspiration. Tomorrow, I think I will blog about seizing the day in a specific district (arrondissement) in Paris.

which one? I am not sure, I will see where the inspiration takes me!

Bon Nuit!

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