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Flea Inspiration ~Day 1~!

Thank you for joining me for Day 1 of my 3 day post on my amazing flea market tour last weekend. Last weekend was a big weekend?! No it was not Black Friday, but all flea market were opening their gates for the first weekend of November with all things chippy and rusty with a little Christmas too! My destinations were Frederick, Maryland and Lucketts, Virginia. The crazy thing is we could not hit them all - we had to be selective. I will say by the end of the day my friend and I were glossing over from boxes of antique serving trays, chippy furniture, wooden stars, edison bulbs.... you get the picture.

Our first stop was Buckeystown Design Co-op. This was a great spot where 4 creative types got together and started a once a month barn sale concept. They had more new stuff like customizable parsons chair slipcovers - they were really stylish. There was painted furniture, great light fixtures, upholstery, and various seasonal items. We then went to the main attraction - Chartreuse. Chartreuse is in Frederick, MD off route 70. It is a main attraction which requires parking in fields with attendants directing you where. They have all sorts of interesting "rules" like if you see something, grab the tag. You collect tags and then go to the register and present your tags. They promptly send helpers to collect your items and help load them into your car. There were about 20 vendors inside an adorable barn and several other smaller out buildings with various vendors. If you like rustic and chippy Fixer Upper style - this destination will not disappoint! Here are some pictures from our stop at Chartreuse...

What a cute display of all things galvanized!

Old ladder - the possibilities are endless - here with an old pair of ice skates and winter greenery.

notice the oil barrel Christmas tree containers!

Look at this! A rusted crib mattress spring with string lights. This reminded me of my light fixture made with a wood frame with heavy gauge wire and edison string lights!