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Happy Fall Ya'll Dining Room

Have you noticed how script is all the rage these days? Script on pillows, script on wood signs, script on plates! When I saw these script plates, I thought they would be the perfect addition to my fall tablescape. What I am enjoying about this place setting is texture; burlap, silver, seagrass charger, poka dots, news print. It was missing something until I added the little pop of color under the script plate - I went hunting all over for neutral plaid plates and struck out. I decided to head to my scrapbook paper tablet of all sorts of delish neutral patterns. I knew I wanted a touch of color to tie into to the rest of the house. This blue damask pattern is subtle and was just what I was looking for! I should also mention that the print "bows" at the top of the place setting are pages from an old recipe book. The middle industrial ring is actually an old adjustable hose clamp!

I have provided some pictures for quick instructions on making these versatile paper liners. The main thing to watch is the size of the liner. After you trace the plate that you want to put a paper liner under, decide how much you want it to stick out beyond the plate, in this case, it is about an inch. You could make it bigger or smaller, you could cut it out with fancy scissors - so many variations on this concept!

Here is a picture that captures more of the tablescape. There is a large vintage looking cream heavy paper liner down the middle of the table.

There is a story behind it as well! Check this out! That's right 80's wallpaper. What drew me to it was the back - its so old, it has discoloration in a beautiful kind of way and aged edges! I thought it would be great for long rectangular tables for an event someday.

I purchased these cute little white washed chalk boards at Michaels and they can be found in several rooms - back to the concept I mentioned in my blog yesterday about having certain decorative items repeat through out all the fall decor in the house. ​

I took the theme from the Living Room and created a centerpiece for the Dining Room table. You will find the same elements of silvery green stems, wood beads, cotton blossoms, book pages, hydrangea and shredded book pages too!

The other element that is changed every season - unless I skip it like I did summer this year and went directly to fall! I change out the large chalkboard in our Dining Room. This saying is not only a great saying for any day, but it is especially perfect as we enter the Thanksgiving season.

This vintage factory Gates belt holder previously had cute black toile tea cups here. I decided to put up some Rae Dunn mugs. There is a cult following of all things Rae Dunn on Instagram! I have a small collection of 3.

This is one of a few pics from my cute little small, did I mention tiny? postage stamp kitchen. This cabinet was found on Craigs List for $50 and I painted it grey, put poka dot knobs on it and tore the back off so that the brick wall behind it can be seen. It is a perfect place to display my collection of soup toureens. The old scale was actually inherited from my husbands grandmother. The madeliene cookie mold tray is from Paris! I spy a Rae Dunn you?

Here is another mini chalkboard, in my Kitchen now. There are some open shelves above the cabinets and do you think I would use them for much needed storage? Of course not! Open shelves? Open shelves are for displaying pretty things!

And there you have it. A neutral fall home tour! I am so glad you came by. If you are just joining in, do go to my previous blog to see a neutral fall Living Room...

I have also had a few people talk to me about my retailette (2 blogs back!) in Historic Bethlehem. It is not a temporary space - it is permanent, so if you are local do stop by! Get a piece of Marche Maison to take home with you at the Historic Bethlehem Visitor Center/Museum Store!

Happy Fall Ya'll!



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