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Christmas in the City Part 2

Hi! Welcome back, grab that second cup of peppermint mocha and kick up your feet! Lets take the Christmas in the City tour part 2! I will take you through my Dining Room and Parlor - this is what it was called in Victorian times and our home is an 1875 Victorian Era town home. So, lets start at the main event - THE chalkboard wall. This is where my beloved flocked mini trees have taken residence. I really should have flocked my main tree this year because I am LOVE-ing the flocked tree. They are all over Instagram right now - sigh. Love. These cuties are the perfect sideshow for the chalkboard in the middle. The vintage factory belt rack displays my very small collection of Rae Dunn mugs. The 12 little advent boxes with scalloped tops stand to attention to remind us the official countdown with 12 drummers drumming, 11 Pipers coming soon! Last year we put little scrolls in each one to read to each other - it was special. I have not decided what we will do this year (if anything) - but regardless they are cute and will be on display. The newsprint stars that top the trees just "happened." I had these pages from an old newsprint recipe book (we are talking 70's casseroles, crockpot meals - ha!) as part of my fall decor and before I put them away, I started to play with them. I decided to accordion them and create a star with 3 pieces. I stapled the center and hid that with a button. Aiola - free vintage topper. I also made one for my Living Room tree top and my easel basket which you may have read about already in Part 1 of my Christmas in the City tour.

Hmmm....Lets see, I spy in the print a Dip, Light and Easy, Cream, Crackers - perfect print to have in a Dining Room!

I had written in Part 1 that I have 3 common threads through all my rooms of decor which I usually change each year. Wrong! Here is another one - the recipe print stars too.

This picture is give you a view of the top of the hall tree converted chalkboard which has 1-2-count them-3 different garlands adding beautiful texture with burlap, Hearth and Hand (Joanna Gaines line at Target) eucalyptus garland and a pine cone garland (which I am almost certain I got thrifting). At the base underneath all of the garlands are grapevines with miniature white lights. The base has been there for several seasons now. I found those adorable retro paper accordion style ornaments at either a Pottery Barn or Crate and Barrel outlet last year post season for 90% off. I also have them hanging on the chandelier in the Parlor which you will see later.

Here are some other Dining Room pics...

More brown paper packages tied up with la la. The lighting is very dark in our Dining Room which makes it very difficult to shoot pictures. There is a porch overhang over the 2 windows in this room. This is why the Edison light bulbs appear a little overexposed! I really wanted to show you the newsprint wreath with the vintage pillow tucked in the middle so overexposed bulbs it will be!

The memorable line from my very favorite Christmas movie! Who cries when they watch "Its a Wonderful Life?" I do! I do!