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Spring Vintage Market - Ooh La La

Well ya'll, its a wrap. The first ever Marche Maison Vintage Market. Sigh - so much went into it making this vision a reality. From finding the perfect vendors, location, product, to setting up, pricing, making items, you get the picture! It was surreal seeing a dream that I have had for years come to fruition. The rain did not keep people away - a steady flow of passers by came in to investigate and see what the fuss was all about and try a glass of wine from Boos Rock Winery as they shopped the vendors. Highlights? Setting up the Goundie House for the event with lights and garlands to make the entrance magical.... Working with so many of my close friends who were also vendors selling by my side - we shared so much laughter and camaraderie....

Another highlight came right when the market opened from a wondering accordionist. The city of Bethlehem had hired him to stroll through the streets and my ears just happened to catch it over our own French music. I walked out the door to find him playing La Vie en Rose which is the quintessential French song and my all time favorite. I was moved to tears between experiencing the reality of a vision and having this accordionist strolling by at that exact time. Earl the accordionist even came in and strolled through the market a bit!

Earl told me all about his accordion which was vintage 1930's. He even got into our French theme and put on his barret hat! I told him all about my dad who is also a talented accordionist who was invited to be in the white house band back in the day!

Notice the dress form - you didn't think I would have a market space without one did you? Here are some other pics from the day ....

I was really living in the moment - you know how I know? because I don't have many pics to share! I do have a link, however, below from the live interview with the Morning Call paper! Apparently we are on the front page of today's paper as well - God is good!

To those that came out - thank you for your support and I so enjoyed seeing many of you!




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