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My Funny Valentine

Why not give Frank the title to my Valentine post!? What do you do for Valentines Day? We do not make a big hoopla about it here at the Olson household. Yes, the proverbial heart shaped candy box and some flowers and all is good here. I usually get my husband a small gift - as in this year he received a sappy card and a box of chocolate cigars because he will smoke a real one on the golf course whenever he can. This year - no chocolates for me - the scale is grateful for that. Hubs did go to the florist and he personally picked out a bouquet of flowers for me. But true confession here my friends - I had sent him a link to the week prior to give him a hint to what sort of arrangements I love, how will our men know if we don't tell them!?

I thought it was a brill idea to help him and give him a hint. But what florist is going to have eucalyptus and peach and cream blooms on Valentines afternoon? Fat chance! So before I take you through the tunnel of love I thought I would show you my winter vibe. After the heaviness of Christmas decor, I like to clear out and bring an open airy feel to my winter decor.

I had these canvases custom made last winter for my Allentown window display. I adore them. The lyrics from "My Favorite Things" brings happy nostalgic feels! The lyrics bring hope that Spring is on its way! I do very little for Valentines decor in my house because you blink and its over. I cut out some paper pink hearts and did a few things to show the love.

I decided to add brown paper packages to the cabinet to nod to the famous song...

Here are a couple pics from my Historic Bethlehem Retailette

I hope you had a fabulous Valentines Day friends! I am grateful for each and every one of you that take the time to follow along with me on this blog! I wish I could send this to each and every one of you! A trophy of gorgeousness for being awesome supportive readers! (another beautiful farmgirl flowers bouquet!)



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