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French Farmhouse Spring

You know the old saying "March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb." Well, if you are in the Northeast like me - we are getting a little lion and lamb all in one week! In the last week, we have had gorgeous 60 degree days and tomorrow the forecast is 8-12 inches of snow! NO!!! NO!!! My house is totally confused. I have told it that spring is here. It has already moved to spring so we will pretend that it is spring tomorrow while we watch the snow fall. This is my first spring vignette of the season - I have been known to do a few! I like the first one to feel simple and green. The next one would be full of blooms like peonies for example. I have so much going on these days....which I cannot wait to blog about next! Lets just say an event is being birthed in Bethlehem! Bethlehem, PA that is. So back to the spring vignette here...

I mentioned in my last blog post how much I adore these canvases and I just cannot banish them to the attic quite yet - "silver white winters (u hem! tomorrow!) that melt into spring" still very much works here. The beautiful glass jars are imported Hungarian pickling jars - each one is unique. If you are local here in the Lehigh Valley, you will have the opportunity to purchase them soon. Stay tuned ... lets just say they have something to do at the upcoming event. Behind these gorgeous jars is an imported wooden tulip crate with a mesh base. The antique easel piece was there for the holidays and I have kept it up a bit longer. It is so perfect as it symbolizes our family of artists. My daughter is a very talented visual artist and goes to a charter arts high school. I am an artist but my palette is a room, my medium is a bunch of accessories to move around and display!

I still am not tired of the milk glass - I continue to pick up pieces at various thrift or antique stores. I do tend to be drawn to the footed variety as you can tell. I added some old green bound books for interest.

Check out this amazing imported French seltzer bottle box - it even has some metal detailing on the edges - be still my heart. I added some lambs ear to accompany the imported seltzer bottles.

Thanks Bev!

I will be blogging soon about the upcoming event! I hope you are inspired to bust out your spring decor if you haven't already! And if you are in the Northeast - snow day time! An extra day tomorrow that we were not planning to have! Hello projects or hello sofa and movies! Ha!



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