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Swing in Spring

Something about a swing says whimsical to me. To me, a swing evokes childhood memories and symbolizes warm breezes and laughter. That is why I designed these old reclaimed wood swings with rusty chains to be part of Marche Maisons spring window display. Spring is an invitation to come forward, be playful, walk in the grass, anticipate rebirth as the earth brings a beautiful display of pastel before our eyes. I have to confess, my heart leaps for joy when I see the first crocus leaf burst forth from the thawing winter ground or to smell the fragrance of the first lilac bloom.

So, here I invite you to breath in spring as you drink in these pictures! If you are like me tonight, you are anticipating 2 feet of snow on March 14th! We need to inhale spring pictures more than ever to get us through this snow day and through this week! So on that note, here we go...

Can I just tell you how tricky it is to take a picture through a window!? Shall we play a game of I spy? I spy construction barrels, a city lantern, a woman's legs, a building. What about you? Do you see anything else?

Pink....give me some pink! Go away snow, bring on the tulips!

Anyone that knows me knows I am a sucker for a dress form. This moss one, sigh...