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My Trip to Waco

The famous Magnolia green car

Hello everyone! Yes - I did it! I went to Waco! My friend in San Diego called spontaneously the week before the famous Round Top Antique Show in Texas and asked if I wanted to meet her there. Texas? Did you say Texas? This was my first visit to Texas and that means for us channeling our Joanna Gaines, we MUST go to Waco. We mapped out our 5 day adventure - first stop Waco! We arrived on a sunny blue sky night and it was a sight to finally see....

Silos, Waco Texas

The way the Silos look on TV you would expect to see them from miles and miles away. They are shorter than I envisioned but I was excited to see them none the less! Here is another famous Waco shot. Have we not seen this building from a million different drone angles?!!!

the Alico Building

We drove past Baylor and drove around town searching for a hip restaurant with a cool vibe. A store clerk, Baylor student, suggested Milo Biscuit Company, but it was closed for a private party. After scoping out every known restaurant on Trip Advisor and other best of Waco lists and walking into several different restaurants and checking menus, we recognized that Milo truly was what we were looking for, sigh. We settled for an obscure Italian restaurant in town where the food was fantastic but ambiance - meh. To paint a picture for you, there were candles on every table, but they were unlit - gasp! Nothing kills the restaurant atmosphere more than unlit candles in my mind anyway. We stayed in a cute Air bnb, that was decorated minimally, but super cute and farmhouse stylish within walking distance to the Silos. We woke up bright and early to beat the crowds for....

Again, it was so exciting to see the Magnolia Table in person! We all watched them transform the old Elite Restaurant into this beautiful breakfast and lunch destination. It is not in downtown Waco, but it is one freeway stop away, literally 5 minutes by car. We arrived around 7:30 to be met with a waiting line on a Wednesday people! Can you even believe that?! Crazy! We had to wait 1/2 hour and apparently if you get there later, waits can be over an hour. It is wonderful that they have their little coffee "to go" area to sit as well as their gift shop to peruse while you wait...

So here it is folks, the menu. I just loved how the menus where put in file folders, a soft pale green mind you, but file folders - how cute!

I honestly cannot remember what I ordered, Maybe the farm breakfast? What I did make sure to order though was a side of Jo's Buttermilk Biscuits which came with honey butter and jam. It was spectacular and memorable!

This is the hallway to the Ladies room. I did a long stories on my Instagram about the inside of the Ladies Room, it was adorable and I am kicking myself for not taking actual pictures now. I can tell you that I loved that the stalls were little rooms with black doors that had little 4 pain opaque glass windows in them.

One thing we thought of doing was to drive by the homes that have been renovated through the years on Fixer Upper. We realized though that these are personal residences that appreciate privacy so we did not dig anymore into that idea. So off we went to Silos to shop and partake in the famous Silos Bakery. The complex does feel almost "Disneyesque." What I mean by that is it was perfect. The grass is turf, the details.....oh the details. It was so fun to be there in person and take it all in. Yes, I have seen stores on Instagram, picture after picture of different visits to the Silos. That being said, it is just awesome to actually be there! We walked around the grounds, went into the Seed Supply and Magnolia Market and lastly the Silos Bakery. Everywhere you turn is a photo opp!

So this perfection is turf guys! I know, I have seen this picture taken a million different ways, but I was there, I took the picture!

This adorable scene is from the Seed and Supply. Can you even take this shovel "shelf?"