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Hi! The summer season is so fun to decorate. So much of it can come from nature. I went to Cape May years ago and found so much fun driftwood and shells. I literally pull them out every year - the cool thing is that with them are memories of that trip. I have also collected starfish from local beach stores at Bethany Beach, DE. One may question the sanity of my desire to bring a bucket of sand home from Cape May because it is really fine and white - it is different than Bethany Beach! Sand is inexpensive and can be used in a variety of ways. It can be used to fill trays as a backdrop for shells and other treasures or it can be used to fill hurricanes with candles. Sand looks cool just filled in different clear bottles - so many ideas. I actually made this ribbon tie garland last Christmas and move it around the house for different seasons. It is one of those things that I love and don't put in a box for another season. There is a variety of different ribbons ties onto jute; some rough edge cotton, tea stained linen, grey velvet (from Paris), and poka dot sheer (from Paris). I loosely tied them on the jute so I could slide them tight together or space them far apart which make this garland flexible in length...

Keep your eye on the look out for thrify art. I found this original seashell canvas on one of my thrift adventures. Take cafe lights to different heights, in this case lower heights woven along summer treasures in this open style old cabinet. Glass too is reflective and speaks to water and also compliments summer displays....

This 1920's bather also came from Cape May. Here she is sitting on my mantle. This year she is sitting on a wine box in the old open cabinet. Every year it is fun to think about where she will sit. I liked her particularly because she is wearing a black and white stripe suit. I have a lot of black and white stripe in my decor, so she was perfect!

There is coral from the Caribbean, sea glass and shells from Cape May and other found treasures. This miniature silver two tiered tray is a great shiny backdrop for summer. Notice the black and white stripe tray filled with sand to display other interesting finds.

More fun beach finds. This little crab shell has stylish leopard print - how cute is that!

One of my dear friends gave this rusty bin to me for my birthday, LOVE it! One of my other dear friends gave me these great glass jars with rope handles. The rope handles scream nautical to me - just love them!

Who is this cutie pie? This is Pumpkin! And yes, he actually was found as a kitten at a pumpkin patch a couple falls ago - how cute is that! The farmer said I could take him and off from the country to the city he went! He is helping me on my starfish pillow display here.

Thank you for taking your time to read my blog about summer decor. May you find wonderful sun kissed summer moments!


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