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Neutral Fall Farmhouse Decor Tour

Happy Halloween Everybody! I have been enjoying all the Pinterest fall posts and I especially enjoy the ones where bloggers post their homes for tour. I thought I would do the same. I hope you enjoy it and I hope you find fun ideas to do for your home as we approach Thanksgiving. I am all about fall decor starting 9/1. I don't do spooky and then move over to fall. I get a good 2 - 3 months out of fall yall! Okay, so here we go, come in to my blank canvas of a start!

Living Room

Tah dah! here it is! I have some pretty tall flower buckets shown here, but decided they will appear another time - maybe spring. What I do is I take all summer down and put it away and get ALL - yes ALL my fall decor out for inspiration. This year, however, I did something different - I went neutral this fall. Before, in my old house, I brought on the fall color:

My old house had salmon color walls so it looked great bringing in fall color. So this year, I had to look at my fall supplies with the neutral eye - creams, grays, wood, raffia - texture! I LOVED redoing my mantle every season at my old home and this historical town home I am in doesn't have a fireplace - wahh! I decide to use my very favorite French shabby piece as my "mantle" for every season in this home. I like it too because it is the focal point when you walk into the home:

Okay, so this was round one! I actually changed it after this. Let me know if you like this one better! I was going to put a bunch of small white pumpkins in the galvanized feeder, but is wasn't looking right. One thing I decided to do was close up the exposed shelves in this piece for this season. I went rummaging through fabrics and found some sheer.

--------News flash------

Please tell me you have heard of stitch witchery?!. It is an amazing glue "tape" that you iron on - it is awesome! Good bye sewing machine lugging, threading needles and bobbins! I quickly stitch witched these panels. No, no ad dollars coming my way for this - just a good tip from one crafter to another!

Here is the finished product - calmed down sticks and a higher middle focal point. The middle with a cute scalloped cream tray and a pedestal with a big burlap pumpkin. I got the distressed Victorian style open picture frame at a yard sale (I think it was $8 or $12) in the finish as shown - I didn't have to do any fussing to make is look that way - yay! The ladders, I got all 3 pieces for $10 at a yard sale. The cool thing is that it was already cut up. These can be used in a myriad of ways - suspended from a ceiling holding baskets, cafe lights, etc. I brought out the antique zipper bow from summer (my last post) as I wasn't ready to say good bye quite yet. I got the cute finishing touch mini rake too at a yard sale for free.