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Neutral Fall Farmhouse Decor Tour

Happy Halloween Everybody! I have been enjoying all the Pinterest fall posts and I especially enjoy the ones where bloggers post their homes for tour. I thought I would do the same. I hope you enjoy it and I hope you find fun ideas to do for your home as we approach Thanksgiving. I am all about fall decor starting 9/1. I don't do spooky and then move over to fall. I get a good 2 - 3 months out of fall yall! Okay, so here we go, come in to my blank canvas of a start!

Living Room

Tah dah! here it is! I have some pretty tall flower buckets shown here, but decided they will appear another time - maybe spring. What I do is I take all summer down and put it away and get ALL - yes ALL my fall decor out for inspiration. This year, however, I did something different - I went neutral this fall. Before, in my old house, I brought on the fall color:

My old house had salmon color walls so it looked great bringing in fall color. So this year, I had to look at my fall supplies with the neutral eye - creams, grays, wood, raffia - texture! I LOVED redoing my mantle every season at my old home and this historical town home I am in doesn't have a fireplace - wahh! I decide to use my very favorite French shabby piece as my "mantle" for every season in this home. I like it too because it is the focal point when you walk into the home:

Okay, so this was round one! I actually changed it after this. Let me know if you like this one better! I was going to put a bunch of small white pumpkins in the galvanized feeder, but is wasn't looking right. One thing I decided to do was close up the exposed shelves in this piece for this season. I went rummaging through fabrics and found some sheer.

--------News flash------

Please tell me you have heard of stitch witchery?!. It is an amazing glue "tape" that you iron on - it is awesome! Good bye sewing machine lugging, threading needles and bobbins! I quickly stitch witched these panels. No, no ad dollars coming my way for this - just a good tip from one crafter to another!

Here is the finished product - calmed down sticks and a higher middle focal point. The middle with a cute scalloped cream tray and a pedestal with a big burlap pumpkin. I got the distressed Victorian style open picture frame at a yard sale (I think it was $8 or $12) in the finish as shown - I didn't have to do any fussing to make is look that way - yay! The ladders, I got all 3 pieces for $10 at a yard sale. The cool thing is that it was already cut up. These can be used in a myriad of ways - suspended from a ceiling holding baskets, cafe lights, etc. I brought out the antique zipper bow from summer (my last post) as I wasn't ready to say good bye quite yet. I got the cute finishing touch mini rake too at a yard sale for free.

Here are some more close ups from this display. I LOVE these galvanized metal leaves I found at a shop in Frenchtown, NJ. The burlap textured pumpkin complements of Marshalls/Homegoods.

I have the pumpkins setting in raffia. I decided to add a femine touch with a tea stained linen rosette that I made years ago. Home Goods was good to me, another neutral textured cream pumpkin.

Here is that cute little rake close up. I like the whimsy it adds here. You can also see how AWESOME the finish is on this frame...

So, that is the Living Room focal wall, here are a couple other little sub highlights of fall in the Living Room as well:

Remember that cool feeder I had on the "mantle" on the first go round above? Well, I put it on my coffee table with raffia and pine cones. I found the feeder at a local antique store for $12 - total score! The top handle comes off and on and moves up and down for versatility - love that.


Family Room

The Family Room has this focal wall, antique white washed louvered shutters with architectural black and white prints of palaces of Paris. For fall, I added these little burlap leaves to the shutters - tried to make it look like they are falling from the right corner...

Here is a close up

This great branch was in my yard. I put it in the corner and ta dah! - a "tree." I thought it would be fun to add leaves to it with mini clothespins. Notice the galvanized leaf again on the lantern (Pottery Barn lantern at Goodwill for less than $10). It is hard to see but the candle is in acorns that my daughter and I collected from the ground.


Dining Room

I like to change the chalk board every season but could not bring myself to - my daughter did this one for me on Mothers day and who doesn't want to be reminded "The Best is Yet to Come" everyday! This is the focal wall in the Dining Room. The letter blocks that spell Cider Mug are found in each room spelling a seasonal word to have continuity.

The top of the branches with mini lights feature plaster painted silk leaves that are attached with mini clothespins. They didn't turn out like the picture I saw on Pinterest, however, I kind of like how they have an antiqued look. One of those "mistakes" that end up looking better.



Here is my cute little kitchen. I have enjoyed the open shelves as they are a perfect place to add seasonal flair. Store platters, food, dishes and be practical? No way - ha! Here are some close ups:

A little raffia here, a little raffia there. Its like the fairy dust of fall! Here are the letter blocks again - this is my one tribute to Halloween in my decor for fall. I will have to come up with a new word tomorrow! The old square tea tin and the coffee grinder are from a Paris brocante (yard sale). The pine cones that were in the Living Room show up here too. This old metal pitcher is from Goodwill - $3 maybe?!

If you are still here and you made it to the end! Thank you! Thank you for letting me share my creative outlet. I have so much fun doing it and not enough people to share it with! Enjoy Gods beautiful creation this season - the colorful leaves, the brisk air, and the smell of a fireplace!

I would love to hear from you. If you leave a comment, I will send you a stitch witchery on me! Trust me, you will never go back!


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